Bryan Larkin & Derek Newlands

First met in 1994 at a sports event they were competing in and quickly became friends.

Over the years they have continued to support each other with family, Education and career.

In 2001 the Duo started making short films, filming sports events, Information & Safety movies & promotional videos, TV commercials, Corporate Inductions and Charity Events. 


Hybrid Films continues to undertake ALL of the above, however our focus and passion has been drawn to creating short movies & TV programmes that people can relate to.

- Something with meaning.

 - No agenda or prejudice. 

 - No sales pitch or bias.

Capturing & Displaying the real world in all its beauty with a zest for life,

and helping raise awareness of the social issues that are too often ignored or walked passed. 

"Out of sight, but never really out of mind."


"To capture and display "real life" scenarios with artistic and dramatic flare,  through years of experience filming, Directing, Producing, Editing & Post Production"

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